Even in the best maintained apartment buildings, security is a concern. To help protect yourself, you can take a few simple steps.

  • Don’t list your first name on the apartment directory, just an initial.
  • If you have a mailbox in the lobby, cover up any slots so the contents aren’t visible. A box filled with the same mail from day-to-day is a sign the occupant is not home.
  • If your apartment unit has a mail slot in the door, cover it so nobody can flip it up and see that the apartment is empty.
  • Don’t buzz anyone into the building whom you don’t know. If you don’t already have a wide angle viewer, install one in your door.
  • Even if you live on a high floor, don’t think your unit is impossible to access from the outside. When you’re out, keep windows locked, and sliding doors locked and defended with security bars.
  • If you’re out for the evening leave a light on, even if you’re on a high floor. Professional thieves can pick out a completely dark apartment from the ground.
  • If you’re keeping any belongings in a storage room, don’t rely exclusively on the room’s lock for protection. Use a high quality padlock on your own storage unit door.
  • If your building works on a master key system, have your deadbolt re-keyed off the system, and if required give the superintendent a copy of the new key. It’s also a good idea to re-key your lock when you move into a building.