Third Party Liability

With today’s current court awards, $1,000,000 Third Party Liability may not be adequate. We strongly recommend higher Third Party Liability Limits. Please contact our office for quotations on higher limits.

Umbrella Liability

Umbrella Liability provides you with an extra layer of protection in addition to the Liability Coverage you have through your Home and Auto Insurance.With Claims Settlement Amounts increasing more than ever, your current limits of Liability may not be adequate. If an unfortunate accident should happen, do you have enough liability insurance from your current policies to cover your costs for negligence?

Since no one can predict how much will be awarded in a settlement, umbrella insurance is not just for the wealthy anymore, but a needed protection for every policyholder.The cost to add an Umbrella to your Home and Auto Insurance is usually between $180 and $300. Please call us for a quotation.

Loss of Use

What do you drive when your vehicle is in the garage for collision or comprehensive and all peril type losses? A rental vehicle can be made available if you purchase Loss of Use coverage. Annual premium is generally only $20 to $30.

Waiver of Depreciation

The insurance markets now protect the original value of your car for up to 24 months. For an average cost of $30 per year, you can protect the value of your new automobile.

Accident Waiver Coverage

This is an optional coverage which protects a six star driving record and claims free discount in the event of a first at fault accident. The cost for this coverage is $30 per vehicle per year. If you wish to add this coverage to your policy, please contact our office.


All regular drivers of the vehicle should be shown on your policy. If you are not sure if all drivers of your vehicle are listed, please call the office.

Material Change in Risk

If a material change arises during the policy period, this must be reported to our office immediately. Failure to do so may result in a voiding of the insurance policy involved. A Material Change is something important enough to change the original agreement between the insurance company and the policy holder. Some examples, but not limited, of a material change which would require you to notify your insurer would include:

  • Change in Use of the vehicle – Used for Taxi Purposes, Hospital Taxi

  • Carrying Passengers for Compensation

  • Change in your license status – Suspension of License

  • Attached equipment to your vehicle ex. Snow Plow

Accident Benefits

Accident Benefits: This coverage provides compensation, regardless of fault, if you, your passengers, or pedestrians suffer injury or death in an automobile collision. Standard Accident benefits coverage is compulsory and forms part of your auto policy. We can now offer Enhanced Benefits through Endorsement 48 which are beneficial:

Medical or Rehabilitation Expenses$25,000$50,000
Funeral Expenses$1,000$2,500
Death Benefit (Head of Household)$10,000$25,000
Death Benefit (Spouse of Head of Household)$10,000$25,000
Death Benefit – Dependant$2,000$5,000
Loss of Income – weekly payment$140$250
Loss of Income – Principal Unpaid Housekeeper, weekly payment$70$100