Let Us Know About Any Changes

If a material change arises during the policy period, this must be reported to our office immediately. Failure to do so may result in a voiding of the insurance policy involved. A Material Change is something important enough to change the original agreement between the insurance company and the policy holder. Some examples, but not limited, of a material change which would require you to notify your insurer would include:

  • Using an auxiliary wood heat source without the insurer’s knowledge
  • Business Use: If you operate any type of business either in your home or on the property.
  • Vacancy: Coverage’s cease once your home is vacant for more than 30 days
  • If you decide to rent out your home including Airbnb or Short-Term Rental
  • If you have a Rented Dwelling that becomes unoccupied for any length of time as there is a policy exclusion that will void coverage if your unit becomes unoccupied for more than 30 consecutive days


If you have a Seasonal or Rental Unit, you likely have NO Pollution Coverage – should your oil tank/contaminants at these locations cause bodily injury or property damage, there is NO Coverage. This coverage is available; the cost can range between $1500 – $5000. Please contact our office to obtain a quotation.


Snow Bird & Unoccupied Home

In order to have coverage from pipes freezing if you leave your home unoccupied for more than 4 days during the regular heating season, you must make arrangements to have the pipes drained or have a competent person check your house every day to ensure the heating system is OK.


Homeowner’s policies do not automatically cover this peril, but it usually can be added for a small additional premium.

Umbrella Coverage

Umbrella Liability provides you with an extra layer of protection in addition to the Liability Coverage you have through your Home and Auto Insurance.

With Claims Settlement Amounts increasing more than ever, your current limits of Liability may not be adequate. If an unfortunate accident should happen, do you have enough liability insurance from your current policies to cover your costs for negligence? Since no one can predict how much will be awarded in a settlement, umbrella insurance is not just for the wealthy anymore, but a needed protection for every policyholder.

The cost to add an Umbrella to your Home and Auto Insurance is usually between $180 and $300. Please call us for a quotation.

Sewer Backup

Water Damage resulting from the backing up or escape of water from a sewer, storm drain, sump or septic tank is NOT automatically covered. This coverage can be purchased for an additional cost, please contact us for a quotation to add this coverage to your policy.

Additional Insured’s

If you have other people living in your home, other than dependent children under a specific age, they are not covered under your policy. Please call the office to make arrangements for coverage.


Special Limits of Insurance

All homeowner Policies have certain limitations of coverage on items such as jewelry, furs, ride on lawn mowers, silverware, coin, and stamp collections. To insure these valuables properly, we suggest you consider a scheduled floater insured to value.

Guaranteed Replacement Cost on Buildings

Some insurance companies will guarantee the replacement cost of your dwelling if you maintain 100% of the limit of coverage determined by an Acceptable Home Evaluator. Make sure you qualify, call us for a review of the present limit. If you have Guaranteed Replacement cost on your policy you must inform us of any renovations that increase the value of your home by $5,000 or more.

Don’t Forget

Let us know when you make any changes to your home. It may affect your rating or coverage limit requirements or allow us to offer you a new discount to lower your premium. Let us know should you become Mortgage Free or Age 50 as we may be able to provide a discount.

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