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PDF Auto Liability How much is enough? Liability insurance is mandatory, but you can adjust the level to make sure your needs are met.

PDF Auto Getting a Quote What do I need to get an insurance quote? The more information, the better.

PDF Auto Special Coverage Am I covered? Every policy is different but there are some common situations to be aware of.

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PDF Business Extra Coverage What extra coverage should I be aware of? Special policies can cover the risks unique to your business.

PDF Business Insurance Defined Who needs business insurance? The right insurance is an important tool to protect any business.

PDF Business Risk Management How can I reduce the risk in my business? A risk management program is the best way to systematically reduce the impact of risk.

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PDF General Brokers Why use an insurance broker? Your broker works for you, not the insurance company. They are at your side when you buy or upgrade your insurance or if you have to make a claim.

PDF General Insurance Defined What is insurance and why do I need it? Insurance has many forms and functions but really just one purpose–to provide peace-of-mind.

PDF General Insurance Fraud How can I reduce the effects of fraud? Insurance fraud affects you, and you can help to reduce it.

PDF General Making a Claim What do I do in case of a loss? How you make your claim is as important as what you claim.

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PDF Home Common Questions How does my policy really work? Don’t wait until it’s time to make a claim to get a full understanding of how your insurance works.

PDF Home High Value Items Do I need extra coverage for high-value items? Take the time to ensure that your most precious things are protected.

PDF Home Home Based Business Does having a home business affect my insurance? The short answer is yes, and the best way to know what is covered is to talk to your broker.

PDF Home Home Policies How do I choose the right policy for my home? Make sure you purchase a policy that reflects the unique qualities of your home, its contents and the people who live there.

PDF Home When Away From Home What do I do if my home is unoccupied? Your insurer considers an unoccupied dwelling riskier than an occupied one.

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