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Fire Safety Tips and Checklists

Jody Dakai

January 1, 2021

Fire Safety Tips

If you answer no to any of these questions, you and your property may be a target for burglars.

  • Does your home always appear lived in?
  • Do You have dead-bolt locks on all doors?
  • Are the pins in the hinges to your doorways secured?
  • Do you have good locks or latches on all your windows?
  • Do you keep control of house keys and never leave them hidden outside your home?
  • Are you present when having keys made?
  • Are all doors and windows locked, including garage doors?
  • Do you remove items such as ladders, which allow easy access to second storey windows, from around your house?
  • Do you lock-up your tools? Burglars may use them to break into your home.
  • When you go out, do you leave lights on and a radio playing?
  • Is the exterior of your house well lit, both when you're home and when out of the house?
  • When visiting the cottage or on vacation, do you have a timer to turn lights on and off and ask a neighbour to cut your grass or remove snow?
  • Do you keep bonds, large quantities of money, expensive jewellery in a safety deposit box?

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